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Nursing Mothers of Raleigh was founded in 1970. It was established to provide peer support for nursing moms. The group was built on the idea that anyone could breastfeed – and anyone could learn to help provide support and education to peers.

Acknowledging that not all people who breastfeed identify as women or mothers, we strive to be inclusive as we help families work toward their goals, including breastfeeding or chest feeding a baby to whom they gave birth, breastfeeding or chest feeding a baby who entered their family in a different way, inducing lactation, pumping, using a feeding supplementer, etc. We recognize that every family has unique circumstances and goals, and we want to help each family experience their own successes.


NMR does not advocate for any particular style of childbirth or child rearing. We focus on evidence-based information and help teach breastfeeding techniques to Triangle-area families.


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