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NMR Volunteer Counselors

Our counselors include International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and trained, experienced Volunteer Counselors. All volunteers started as regular attendees of the group.


We also:

  • Receive ongoing monthly training led by International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC’s).

  • Demonstrate a passion for listening to and helping other people feed their babies in the way that best meets the needs of the baby and family.

  • Attend annual conferences covering the latest research on lactation and associated topics, so that we can provide the most up-to-date information and support to the public.


Interested in becoming a Counselor? Call us to discuss the process!

Free Phone Counseling

Mary Overfield, retired IBCLC 919-801-0580

Amy Veatch, IBCLC 919-264-7977

Elaina Lee 919-559-8689

Ariel Benton 919-920-7829

Mary Overfield (she / her)

I began my journey with Nursing Mothers of Raleigh in 1974 when I moved my family to Raleigh from Colorado, and have breastfed three children. I hold a Master's degree in Pediatric Nursing and am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (now retired). Alongside my volunteer role with NMR, I am involved with advocacy work with the NC Breastfeeding Coalition (NCBC) and serve as Chair of the Triangle Breastfeeding Alliance (TBA). I have helped to plan the annual TBA Conferences and Art of Breastfeeding Conferences for several years. 

Amy Veatch (she / her)

 ​I am an artist, teacher, community volunteer, and mom. I joined NMR in 1990 as a breastfeeding mom in need of support. I breastfed two children, and loved it! The support and friendships I’ve received through Nursing Mothers of Raleigh play an important part in my life to this day. I have loved helping moms and babies breastfeed so much that I became an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2009.

Elaina Lee (she / her)

I have been a volunteer with NMR since 2001 and enjoyed breastfeeding my own 3 children. As a Family Physician, I enjoy sharing my breastfeeding knowledge and experience with my patients and the families who come to NMR for information and support. Helping families who wish to breastfeed or chest feed their babies, even if they have not given birth, is one of my passions. I serve as a member of the Triangle Breastfeeding Alliance (TBA), the NC Breastfeeding Coalition (NCBC), and the LGBTQ+ Human Milk Feeding Committee of Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities of Durham. I have also helped plan the annual Art of Breastfeeding Conferences for several years.


Ariel Benton (she / her)

When I imagined my life as a mom, I thought I would have the resources to handle breastfeeding: my mom was a former counselor with NMR; my aunt is a lactation consultant. But when I had my first child, I chose not to utilize those resources. I now realize I was timid because of something many new moms face: the false idea that we can wear all hats and be all things to all people… without help. While I struggled, I did successfully breastfeed my daughter for 27 months. With my second child, I chose to seek out community, and I turned to NMR. I was able to have my issues addressed in real time. Now as a mom of 3 and a counselor for NMR, it has been rewarding beyond measure to assist other moms meet their breastfeeding goals.

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Amanda Burns (she / her)

I came to NMR in late 2019 when my son was 2 months old. My son was born with a unilateral cleft lip which was diagnosed at 16 weeks, and I was told I would not be able to breastfeed. Happily, my son was able to breastfeed immediately after birth but I had no idea what I was doing. NMR gave me the information, help, and support we needed to be able to breastfeed successfully. During our journey we faced issues of over supply, fast flow, mastitis, blebs, biting and more. I look forward to continuing to learn more about breastfeeding, working towards becoming a full fledged Volunteer Counselor with NMR, and helping other Mother’s meet their breastfeeding goals.


Jessie Gentz (she / her)

I stumbled upon Nursing Mothers of Raleigh when I was pursuing advancing my breastfeeding education to compliment my feeding knowledge as an occupational therapist. I have always been passionate about breastfeeding and became even more passionate when I had my daughter, Ryan. Immediately upon joining a meeting, there was an overwhelming feeling of kindness from welcoming counselors and mothers. I am honored to be a part of others breastfeeding journey by listening, supporting and continuing to learn.

In loving memory of Mary Rose Tully

One of the founding members of NMR, Mary Rose Tully was a pioneer in the breastfeeding world. She was one of the first lactation consultants certified in the United States and helped create the Human Milk Banking Association of North America. She also served as director of lactation services at the University of North Carolina’s Women’s Hospital. Her passion and work live on in the a comprehensive lactation program named in her memory called The Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative at The Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute at UNC-Chapel Hill.

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