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We help you meet your feeding goals.


Regardless of your background, family structure, or approach to parenting.

We provide:

  • Free support and troubleshooting, from basic questions to major concerns.

  • Free education and guidance, from pregnancy through weaning.

  • Free education and guidance about inducing lactation, re-lactating, expressing milk for feeding, and breastfeeding or chest feeding for non-birthing parents

Free Phone Counseling

Yes, really! Please call any of us when you need us. We are available to support you, and we look forward to your call.


Can't get someone right away? Call down the list. What if a Counselor is unavailable? We coordinate with other Counselors to make sure you get a call back.

  • Mary Overfield, IBCLC  ~  919-847-4903

  • Amy Veatch, IBCLC  ~  919-264-7977

  • Elaina Lee  ~  919-559-8689

  • Ariel Benton  ~  919-920-7829

Free Virtual Meetings! -- stay tuned for changes in 2024

We host free public meetings every 1st Thursday evening at 7pm (virtual) and every 3rd Thursday morning at 9:30am (currently virtual). **We are working on a new location for in-person meetings for 2024.** If you have breastfeeding questions, need support, etc, please join our Volunteer Counselors at one of these meetings.

To Meet Virtual / Online:  (all meetings as of 1/23/23)

You can join from any browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) or from the Google Meet app. There will be a green button that says “Join Meeting” – click it and the host will admit you.

To Meet In-Person:   (as of 12/16/23, we have briefly suspended in-person meetings and expect to have a new in-person location in the new year! We have traditionally held in-person meetings on 3rd Thurs mornings.)

**New location coming soon**. Look for the directional signs.

If no one has arrived at a meeting (either in-person or virtual) by 45 minutes past the start time, we will end the meeting. If you are going to be late, let us know. We can talk as long as needed!


  • Parking: ​*Please stay tuned for info on our new in-person location in 2024.*

  • COVID-19 Safety: All Volunteer Counselors are vaccinated, stay home when ill, and will have their masks at in-person meetings.

  • Bringing your Baby / Older Child(ren): Your baby and older children are always welcome - whether in-person or virtual / online. Our in-person location is a large room with baby- and kid-friendly toys as well as a changing table.

  • Weather: For weather-related cancellations or holiday-related exceptions to the schedule, please see our Facebook page or the website’s home page.

  • Meetings vs Phone Support: Don't feel you have to wait for a meeting. We offer free phone support. Please call us any time at the numbers listed above. 

    • Facebook Messages: Fewer Counselors monitor this channel. Calling one of us is a quicker way to get an answer.

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