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For local professionals, please contact a Volunteer Counselor or attend a meeting. While we cannot make medical referrals, we can provide you with available physicians and specialists.

Local Resources


Breastfeeding Resources by County


Mothers’ Milk Bank (to donate milk)


Find a local Lactation Consultant directory


Locate WIC Offices for any state

Postpartum/parenting support: 

Moms Supporting Moms

General Information

Hand Expression, Maximizing Pumping Results, and more (videos!)

Lymphatic drainage of breast

Lactmed (resource for info on safety of meds/drugs during lactation)

Medication Safety during Pregnancy and Lactation


Trusted, evidence-based information on breastfeeding and parenting

Mental Health Support: Postpartum Support International



Hand Expression, Maximizing Pumping Results, and more (videos!)


Flange fitting:


Latching, positioning, hunger cues:


Asymmetric latch and sandwich hold:


Paced bottle feeding:


Reverse pressure softening:



Breastfeed Durham

Breastfeeding Support for Families of Color  (many resources here)

LGBTQ+  Lactation/Human Milk Feeding Support  (many resources here)

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